nbz360 configuration tutorial

Go to the Play Store and download the nbz360 app.
A) Launch the app, then click on the "LET'S GET STARTED" button. B) On first launch, the app displays the Settings. If this is not the case, go to Settings and choose "Torrents" from the list.
C) Enter your information like this:
1) Choose rTorrent/ruTorrent
2) Enter the URL to access ruTorrent, which you normally use on PC/Mac
3) Enter the user name of your seedbox provided on the Console
4) Enter the password of your seedbox provided on the Console
5) Enter "/plugins/httprpc/action.php" (without quotation marks)
6) Click on the "Test Connection" button
D) If you have correctly entered your information in the previous step, you should get the message "Connected Successfully to Primary Address!". If not, check your login information. As a last resort, contact Support via the Console.
E) After doing so, go Back, you should get this screen. Click the Switch button at the bottom of the screen. F) Click on "Choose Startup Service".
G) Choose "Torrents", then click "Save". H) You get your torrent list.

If you have correctly followed this tutorial, you should be able to control your torrents from your Android device (all versions)!